Empire-making: The Bringing In of Cultures curated by joyanne149

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    Portrait of Captain John FootePortrait of Tan Jiak KimMahadaji Sindhia entertaining British officers
    TunkuRaffles' Wooden FigurinesBurma
    The theme of our gallery is ‘Empire-making: The Bringing In of Cultures’. Through this gallery, we hope to gain understanding a step past the economic and political aspect of European colonialism. The rise of colonial powers in the 19th century resulted in countries like France, Britain and the Netherlands invading and introducing their culture into Southeast Asia. How was the inevitable cultural collision received by both the conquerors and conquered? This will be an interesting insight into one of the earliest cultural exchanges amongst global forces we are familiar with in our modern world, especially since such has already become a common sight in our society today.The following artworks that showcase the sometimes hesitant, sometimes insensitive, sometimes eager attempts in which the colonists and the colonies try to explore the other’s culture, and will collectively reveal to you a whole new side of colonialism often overlooked.



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